Relationship between glycemic index and weight loss

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The glycemic index and weight loss both are complementary. A person who knows he is losing weight need to understand the term of glycemic index. This is a term given as the parameter/indicator to know which foods that have a glycemic index of a person on the road to weight loss to take or not. Some food items increased blood sugar levels in the body instantly and in opposition to this, some do it gradually. Foods containing carbohydrates are classified into three types according to the index, glycemic ie low, medium and high. Foods are classified IG 0-100. 0-55 Food is said to be low GI, 56-69 are medium and above 70 are considered high GI foods.

Since the pure sugar or glucose glycemic index is rated as marked 100. All foods are not available with the information in this index, because all foods that contain no sugar, no carbohydrates only release sugar in the body and therefore must be carefully and before eating. You can not take part with carbohydrates because it takes energy and can not be taken without check therefore it is necessary to check their level of blood sugar at a time. Some foods such as chicken, beef, eggs and many nuts, seeds and fruits that are not included with GI at all because they contain no carbohydrates.


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